Theed Here - with some Vogarth stuff!

Hi its Theed here.... last time I did this I got sutck in a time warp and just made this so wrong! So no way am I making that mistake again - right!?!?!?!?
It is on!! The new Vogarth series Toyokyo has started and I am just trying to update this enough for now.
Not going to say too much but on this site are some classic Vogarths for now - the fantastic 17 that had the first colour cover silk screened by Ben and showed Katika had green skin and pink hair! Also we have the 2012 Guild special which was the first Vogarth story in ages, Skem Comix a project from Skelmersdale about Zombies showing some project work from Ben and then CHarlies Cosmic Comic which is being reprinted in black and white in Vogarth Toykyo as the Evil Emperor! There should be some other back issues on the back issues page but they may need updating as links may have got old! Something for me to do over the next few weeks! PROMISE!!! Also will publish the Punk Fiction Vogarth special - featuring the fab Hawkwind Go Camping! For now will leave it as this as I may be eaten alive if I dont fight off this alligator that wants to sell me some Viscous Membrane love it!!! See you all soon!

“VOGARTH COMICS: Englisches Meisterwerk des Undergrounds.”
– R.I.G. 10 Oct. 94

“I like this comic because it’s got a sharp sense of humour and the characters are not superheroes which makes a nice change”
– Leo Baxendale, creator of the Bash St Kids, Minnie the Minx and Little Plum (and many others!), 94

The new Vogarth Guild special!
Ben has finished a new Vogarth comic full strip, the first full strip since 2000! Though he has been involved with many other comics, artworks and projects since then, the adventures of Astro Punk, Katika and their friends has not been far from his mind. In the last two years he has been planning a large story and that will be the first set of new Vogarth strips to come. Then the Preston Guild was approaching and decided to do an issue to link to that, partly as a reflection back to those nearly black and white photocopied issues and where we are now (Vogarth 14 has also been reissued this month!) but also the theme of old friends and new horizons seemed apt for this venture. There are no other strips in this issue, and is only 12 pages long partly as that seemed apt with the 2012 theme, mostly as it was half the length of a full size strip!

Upcoming comics and VOGARTH!!
As mentioned there are new stories on their way, in a variety of formats and tales! new Vogarth? You betchya!! What has happened to Astro Punk and Katika? Well in the first story, we catch up with the cosmic couple as they visit Koyundai on Toyokyo and are available from Ben or Katika simply email here at they cost 1 $oul (currently £1 + p&p each and there's 4 now!)

The site is getting quite old now, and so will be refurbished as well! We are knocking down walls here, and getting the decorators in! Planned three wings to the gallery, a Vogarth wing, other comics and paintings! New shop, news and even the entry portal are all getting a makeover, with the shop being a way to actually buy things!! And of course new ways to contact us and interact with the chracters, advenbtures and here at the site! Katika is on face book, so friend her and chat to her! You can email her at, and other links on the contact page!

For now this will have to do as its been so long not sure how long will take to update it all so til next time dont hold you r breath but we will have pictures of Astro Punk NAKED!!!